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Horror News Interviews Rob Heydon

Horror News

HORRORNEWS.NET – JUNE 6, 2019: “Interview: Rob Heydon (Isabelle)” by Janel Spiegal

I watched “Isabelle” and Oh my God Rob! It was good. This movie is so creepy. Zoe did such an amazing job as Isabelle. She really played the creepy factor.

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Director Rob Heydon on Slack Jaw Punks Podcast

Slack Jaw Punks

SLACK JAW PUNKS – MAY 30, 2019: “Podcast #290: Robert Heydon Director Of Isabelle” by Bub Smith

In this episode Director Robert Heydon calls into the podcast. Robert chats it up about his new movie Isabelle.

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Isabelle In Film Music Reporter

Film Music Reporter

FILM MUSIC REPORTER – MAY 24, 2019: “Weekly Film Music Roundup (May 24, 2019)”

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Reel Talker Interviews Isabelle Director

Reel Talker

REEL TALKER – MAY 23, 2019: “Interview: Film Director Robert Heydon” by Jim Alexander

Isabelle sounds like a sweet name, but not this Isabelle. The Isabelle I’m speaking about is the latest film from director Robert Heydon. The movie is about an evil presence haunting a young couple and their unborn child.

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Horror Fuel Reviews Isabelle

Horror Fuel

HORROR FUEL – MAY 24, 2019: 3 out of 5 Skulls Review in “Movie Review: Isabelle (2018)” by Dan Wilder

Larissa and Matt Kane (Amanda Crew and Adam Brody) move on down to the bucolic town of Sarasota Springs where the livin’ is easy and nothing could ever possibly go wrong. And they lived a quiet happy life…

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Review of Isabelle by Nightmarish Conjurings

Nightmarish Conjurings

NIGHTMARISH CONJURINGS – MAY 23, 2019: Positive Review in “Movie Review: ISABELLE (2019)” by J Michael Roddy

Stop me if you’ve heard this one. A couple moves into an upstate New York neighborhood. They are likable, with the future ahead looking bright. Meet Matt and his wife, Larissa. They are expecting their first baby in a few weeks. They have a seemingly perfect future ahead, but then, tragedy shatters their world. This is how ISABELLE begins. A conventional and familiar approach that descends them into the darkness.

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Isabelle listed in Entertainment Weekly “Summer Movie Preview Calendar”

Entertainment Weekly

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY – MAY 3, 2019: Isabelle listed in “Summer Movie Preview Calendar”

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Dread Central Exclusive Clip Premiere

Dread Central

DREAD CENTRAL – APRIL 30, 2019: “Exclusive ISABELLE Clip Pulls the Old Ghostly Switcheroo With a Baby” by Jonathan Barkan

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Isabelle Trailer on Apple Trailers

Apple Trailers


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Isabelle on Metacritic


The Isabelle page on

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Fiz-X Trailer Announcement


I have to make light of scary stuff, or I will just end up in tears. So that is the route I have taken with the trailer for the new movie Isabelle.

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PopHorror Announcement


Vertical Entertainment’s latest possession thriller, Isabelle (read our review here), is coming soon to theaters and video on demand. The folks at Vertical were kind enough to hook us up with the official trailer in advance of the release. They tell us the film is “very much in the vein of Rosemary’s Baby and The Exorcist.” Hey, that’s all you had to say. Count us in!

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Press Breaks

Various Sources

Here are some recent press breaks run on behalf of Isabelle.

FIRST SHOWING – APRIL 16, 2019: “An Evil Spirit Torments a Couple in Official Trailer for 'Isabelle' Horror” by Alex Billington

FRIGHT NERD – APRIL 16, 2019: “Vertical Entertainment Drops Trailer for ‘Isabelle’” by Anthony DiMoro

GIZMODO – APRIL 17, 2019: “J.J. Abrams Teases That There's More To Rey's Origins In The Rise Of Skywalker” by James Whitbrook & Gordon Jackson

HORROR BUZZ – APRIL 18, 2019: “Trailer for ISABELLE Arrives Ahead of May 24th Release” by Norman Gidney

NIGHTMARISH CONJURINGS – APRIL 17, 2019: “[News] ISABELLE Trailer Reminds Us How Thin the Veil is” by Sarah Musnicky

RAMA’S SCREEN – APRIL 17, 2019: “Poster And Trailer For ISABELLE Starring Adam Brody and Amanda Crew” by Rama

TEASER TRAILER.COM – APRIL 18, 2019: “Isabelle Movie Trailer” by John McAllister

UPCOMING HORROR MOVIES – APRIL 17, 2019: “ISABELLE (2019) Official Trailer (HD) SUPERNATURAL | Adam Brody, Amanda Crew” by Staff

ZERO TRAILERS – APRIL 18, 2019: “Isabelle Trailer #2 (2019) Amanda Crew, Adam Brody Thriller Movie HD” by Staff

ASSOCIATED PRESS – APRIL 29, 2019: Film mention, “Here’s what’s playing at the movies this summer.”

New Trailer Released

Bloody Disgusting

The following exciting new, exclusive trailer by Brad Miska was premiered at BLOODY DISGUSTING on APRIL 16, 2019. Article (translated from Korean)

"Thorough character analysis, staff communication,
Directed by Robert Heydon directed the film 'Isabel'
Jeong Hong Joo reporter 2018-10-16 18:46:00
- An authentic horror drama that shows evil spirits.
- An intense sense of directing.
- Invitation to BIFF Midnight Fashion.

- "Many inspirations in Busan architecture.
- A desire to shoot thriller."

The section of Busan International Film Festival (BIFF) 'Is an introduction to new horror, science fiction, and cult films that combine artistry and entertainment. It is considered to be a must-have course among moviegoers. Among the nine invitations this year, Canadian director Robert Heydon's new film 'Isabel' can not be overlooked. The American couple Larissa (Amanda Crew) and Kane (Adam Brody) feel that they have no sense of humor in the next door since the first day they moved to New England. Larissa, who has witnessed a mysterious woman living on the second floor gazing frightfully at her, eventually suffers from evil spirits, such as seeing the illusion of a dead child. 'Isabel' is an orthodox horror drama in which evil spirits appear, and it has attracted attention as a work that stands out with a strong story and a high tension. I met director Robert Hayden who found BIFF and listened to the story.

Canadian director Robert Heydon is introducing his new film "Isabel," which was presented at the Busan International Film Festival 'Midnight Fashion' this year.
"I came to BIFF for the first time and I was impressed by the enthusiastic response of Korean fans. I feel like I have become a member of the Korean film community, and if I have a chance, I want to film in Korea. "

Heydon, based in Toronto, Canada, who has been making movies for over 20 years, is also well known as the director of the film 'Ecstasy' (2011), based on Irvine Welsh's best-selling novel. Ecstasy ranks first in the UK iTunes charts in the first week of release and has been exported to 40 countries. He participated in productions such as 'Crescent' (2017) and 'OG' (2018). Isabel is his first horror movie.

He has also directed dramas, family movies, TV series, and Nordic Noir genres. I have been intrigued by various genres in order to tell a variety of stories. "

When asked about Isabel's differentiation from the existing horror film, he said, "The heroine, Larissa, is in a state of depression that leads to insomnia. Audiences are confused as to which dreams or reality they see when watching movies. It is an open ending, so the audience can freely interpret it. "

He cited thorough preparation as the secret of his fine performance. "After watching the screenplay, I first analyze the character thoroughly, form a role that matches it, and engage actors. I care about photography, production, art, and makeup. I think the purpose and direction of film shooting is the most important. I am constantly worried about how I will read the script and get inspired and show it in the video. It's the secret to communicating well with the staff in each field. "Heydon cited casting as one of the hardest things to make in the film. The nature of the Canadian film industry has forced it to compete with Hollywood movies, making it hard to get to know famous Canadian actors.

"Canadian actors Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams are all famous actors in Hollywood. In addition, nowadays Netflix, Amazon and many other movies to make a lot of Canadian independent film can be used in a limited actor. When it comes to sales in a foreign country, who is the most important thing, independent movies are not only cast but also hard to get investment. It is the biggest homework of the Canadian film industry to compete with Hollywood movies. "

He also praised the movie city 'Busan'. "I got a lot of inspiration from Busan's buildings, including the BIFF's movie theater, the surrounding theaters, and future-oriented buildings. I think these urban images will go well with thrillers and action movies. I am preparing a SF thriller movie as a next film. I would like to shoot a movie in Busan if I have a chance. "

Jeong Hong - joo

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'Isabelle' Comes to Haunt Amanda Crew [Trailer]

Bloody Disgusting

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