Pasha Patriki Director of Photography, CSC; Executive Producer

Since he was 4 years old, Patriki was determined to become a filmmaker. Growing up in Moscow, he began learning the craft by playing with his grandfather’s Super8 camera.

After moving to Toronto in 1996, he started working on various film sets as a lighting technician while simultaneously studying in the Film & Video Production program at York University. Today, with 16 years behind him as a professional, Patriki’s work as a Director of Photography has been recognized across Canada and beyond. He is nominated almost every year at Canada’s Much Music Awards for his music videos for such notable artists as Carle Rae Jepsen, Hedley, Billy Talent, and Down With Webster.

In 2012, he won the prestigious CSC Best Cinematography Award for his work on the music video for Saidah Baba Talibah’s “Revolution”.

His feature film credits include Anonymous, starring Clifton Collins Jr., Lower Bay, starring Rose McGowan; Trapped Out, starring Michael Biehn; Gridlocked, starring Danny Glover; Hacker; Burning Daylight; Full Out, starring Jennifer Beals; and Christmas Switch, starring Natasha Henstridge.